• Ronnie Funes

Locked In, Winning The Fight For Mental Health

It’s April 11th, 2020 and if you’re a non-essential worker you’re probably stuck home bored fighting those thoughts that are speaking death into your life. Or maybe you’re one of the essential workers that are working through this pandemic worried about your health & bills. What about the first responders overwhelmed seeing many people struggling in the fight against the invisible enemy that has put many nations to a sudden halt? So many changes in a short amount of time that have changed many of our lives in a way we never imagined. They open the doors of many people’s lives filling them with other serious challenges such as mental health. This mental enemy is seeking to tear down, isolate, and destroy everything about you. Child of God, do not submit to the temptations of the enemy, but in turn, use this time to conquer your mental health. Here are two tips that have helped me walk away from defeat and into the journey of a conqueror.


Prayer? Yeah, I said prayer and it needs to always be your arsenal. I know this is something you’ve probably heard many times and maybe you have been doing it already for some time now (good, don’t stop). I want to encourage you with something very simple and yet, powerful. “Prayer might not give you the answers that you want, but it will provide you with what you need.” I know from personal experience that prayer does work in the midst of chaos and it does come at a perfect timing. Maybe just not your timing. You see when we pray, it is a perfect time to talk to God about those things that are laying heaviest on you. Releasing these things have this strong effect on our minds that prevents our emotions from bottlenecking and then exploding in many regrettable ways. Stress is the cause for many challenges that we desperately want to escape. CBN, a Christian site quoted, “Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Michael Roizen, author of Age Proof, says stress leads to "heart problems, depression, anxiety, back pain, indigestion, other bowel problems, headaches, sleep problems and a whole host of other issues." That is insane! And that is why it is not good to bottle in all these emotions that lay heavy on us. I for one, know I need it daily because I tend to struggle with it often. Yet, despite that, I have gotten gradually better at overcoming it, which is why I write this to encourage you. If I can overcome this with the help of God, then no matter who you are, why can’t you? Pray for healing and that you overcome all the chaos around you. After that, trust in the process that is to come.

“Prayer might not give you the answers that you want,

but it will provide you with what you need.”


Now this is another major factor that has exponentially helped me overcome the stress factors that I have encountered. What is it? It’s connecting with a few other individuals that you love and trust and develop a circle of encouragement. Meaning, when any of you are struggling and dealing with temptations or have tough decisions to make, these are the people that you can call or text right away and receive the help needed in these times. Let’s get personal here for a minute. I mentioned above how I have struggled with this. Well, let’s get more into detail of what I mean. There was a time not too long ago I struggled with my faith for many different reasons. In that, I had a built up of stress and anger that lead me to a point where I wanted to take my life. As I sat on the bathroom floor in my apartment while the shower was running, I found myself sitting there crying and holding about 10 pills at 550mg each. I sat there thinking to myself “Is life worth living?”. In tears and pain and a second away from taking these pills. I got a message from my pastor saying, “Love you Ronnie”, and that sparked a thought. I knew then I needed to speak to someone about what was going on, which had me reach out to three potential people that I know have my best interest in life. The rest is now history. Ever since I reached out to them, I now have my go to people when things seem to be falling apart. The benefits you will receive from having a circle of people to support you and each other are these: you all will pray for each other, support each there, and remind each other that God has given you a purpose in life. It’s truly beneficial and listen to this, Don’t allow the “I don’t trust people” stigma prevent you from something that can save your life like it did mine. We can’t do life alone as much as sometimes we would like to. Find those you can speak to in a time of chaos. I also strongly recommend if possible, getting counseling.

“Don’t allow the

I don’t trust people stigma prevent you

from something that can save your life”"


Now I stop at these two points because I can write on this all day and I will. I want to encourage those of you reading this to start with these two key points and see how it changes everything. I know these times are rough for all of us, some harder than others. Yet, it does not mean you do not have a place here in life. You are a conqueror, yes YOU! If the least expected people in the Bible can become great, then that is more than enough for me to say that no matter who you are, you will win this battle and do more than you ever imagined. I also want to open up this platform for those who need prayers. If you ever need prayer or a call with a word of encouragement, you can email us at Thefaithpreneur@gmail.com and I (Ronnie) will communicate with you. We are in this like a family.