• Sam Fall


In the beginning god created the heavens and the earth. (gen 1:1)

God is the first and ultimate Creator of the entire universe. With just a word, He spoke light and life into existence. His act of speaking all those years ago is what our universe continues to run on today. Now that's power! As humans, we were created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27). His goal was for us to be partners in this new creation with Him, as human representatives of His love and power on Earth. There are so many people who think that they're not capable of being creative, but with this purpose written into our very existence, we can all tap into this awesome power that God has blessed us with.

How are you so sure that creatives are important to God?

The answer to this question is what had solidified my decision to pursue a life of creative expression wholeheartedly. One day, I was looking for a Bible study plan that would give me creative inspiration when I had stumbled upon a man named Bezalel. What I discovered had taken me by complete surprise. I had always imagined that the first person in the Bible to be "filled with the Holy Spirit" would have been a prophet, priest, or even a king. Turns out - the first person ever described in the Bible as being filled with the Holy Spirit was none other than the craftsman named Bezalel, son of Uri. Moses was told by God that He had called Bezalel by name and filled him with the Spirit of God to pretty much become the creative director of the temple that was to be built (Ex 31:1-5).

I was floored. Who knew that God put such stock in creative people? I sure didn't. It warmed my heart to know that not only artistic talent - but also wisdom, understanding and knowledge in all types of craftsmanship was given to Bezalel to be able to bring God's heavenly vision of his earthly temple to fruition. This made me stop and think to myself, "If God has put so much importance on creative people, how can He use me?"

"If God has put so much importance on creative people, how can He use me?"


Now that we know how important creatives are to God, how can we use our gifts to bring His kingdom here on earth? The key to this equation is the Holy Spirit. It was because Bezalel was filled with the Spirit of God that he was subsequently filled with the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding he would need to bring the temple plans from revelation to reality. When we invite the Holy Spirit in, we're granted access to all the tools we need to walk in our purpose and bring the kingdom to earth.

God, being all powerful, can do all things on His own. It's His abundant love for us that fuels His desire to partner with us and work through us as long as we will allow Him to. Each day, we have an opportunity to step into the shoes that He originally intended us to fill when we use our gifts and talents to help others become more aware of his loving presence. Remember, creativity isn't only limited to arts and crafts, music, dancing, and self-expression. Doing things in service of others presents us with an opportunity to tap into the creative power of God to impact their lives in a positive, meaningful ways.

If you're ever tempted to tell yourself "I'm not creative," just remember:

you were literally made for this