• Emusée


Honestly speaking, I am not quite fond of tests. I haven’t pictured myself as the person that goes “examinations on what we have learned to define my competence within a certain skillset?! Sign me up! Let’s do it!” Though for some reason, I cannot seem to escape them. They are everywhere; either standardized or life-edized.

So what is the point?! Other than to raise one's angst and fear of failure? I had to reflect on this because there is a part of my subconscious that understands the importance of tests, yet my immediate reaction at the sound of it (and sometimes during) screams dread.

This is where perspective is important. It is what can psych a person out of completing their task or propel them to conquer the challenges that arise in front of them.

Here are some positive perspectives/food-for-thoughts to have whenever the battle named Test knocks on your door to rattle you.

Think Progression, Not Perfection

At the end of the day, one thing you should always remember is that we are not perfect and THAT IS OKAY.

Not saying it is a failsafe reason to allow for carelessness, instead, it is a reminder that sometimes our shoelaces can get untied and we trip. But be honest, if that happened to you, would you not double or triple-knot the laces after? That is progress!

We wouldn’t throw the whole shoe away saying “you’ve failed me!” and start over. We would put a bit more attention in retying our laces then proceed forward towards our destination.

Keep that same perspective with tests. You might not get the result you would have wanted on your timetable but so long as there is breath in your body, there is an opportunity to try again and slay your Goliath.

Resources vs. Terrain

Are the tools you are using to take this test matching that battlefield that you are in or are you entering unequipped? In other words, are you using the equivalent of a fork to drink soup? The handle of a screwdriver to hammer a nail? (So guilty for that latter example).

Well, let’s continue with our shoe analogy. If it is snowing and I decide to wear Converses, yes I can still walk from place to place, but I would lack confidence in each step. Why? Because subconsciously I know I am not using the best tool for the situation I am in. With Converses, there is a heightened risk of slipping into the snow and getting hurt in the process—or an uncomfortable wet stain on my posterior. Furthermore, I would have difficulty treading through the snow in Converses than if I wore snow boots.

At the end of it, tools matter when it comes to tests. If improper tactics are being applied to overcome the situation, the situation might end up overwhelming you instead. You might end up turning a 2-week trip into a 40-year journey.

(Peek-A-Boo) Exposure of Cycles

Hinted mention of the Israelites in Exodus makes me think of how tests can expose one's cycles. What kind of test taker are you? Have you encountered this test before? What were the results last time? Is there anything you can improve on from that outcome?

These are the types of questions one should be reflecting on. It might not be a pleasant experience. There may be a calling out of one's tendencies that on their own seem harmless but in the grand scheme of achieving your goal, are self-destructive.

We have each experienced a cycle that we are prone to merry-go-rounding in. Fortunately, even a merry-go-round can be stopped. It will not always be an easy journey, but it is possible. Take it one step at a time and remember: you are a progressing being.

Ready? Study. Go!

Hopefully, these notions resonate and you have more confidence in answering Test’s knock on your door. Preparation is key, so study, study, study, and go knock this out of the park. You got this! Without a doubt, you can pass this test with flying colors (now and when it tries to make a reappearance next week, month, or year). You have the perspective and you’ve been reflecting on your tools. Now go out there and embrace the greatness you are called to be!